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10 Minutes DIY Recycling Christmas Candle base

Recycling and creativity can transform your home decor. Thinking about it I decided to check my “Recycle Bin” where I could find interesting objects, and based on it, I created a 10 Minutes DIY Recycling Christmas Candle base.

We often find ourselves wanting to change the decoration of the house, but with a tight budget we usually end up using the same objects, so we get frustrated and is the end of the story.

But, how about use your imagination and the idea of ​​”recycling” materials to create something out of the box?

Think about, what you have at home , put together a list of objects you don’t like anymore, but don’t through it in the garbage. Instead, you will use your creativity and imagination in order to “Create” your perfect object!

This exercise is simple and powerful, giving us the feeling we are capable to change anything!

This said, I decided to put it in practice.

Using some objects that I had stored in my “Recycle Bin”, I could make a simple, however elegant Christmas candle base for my old Christmas Candle and using the same wool, I made a “Nest” for my crib!

Its really quite simple, nothing fancy, but I was very happy to be able to reuse objects that could have been thrown away and was also I am happy with the results, which looks very cozy!

Following the list of items I used to create my Christmas Candle base:

1 Christmas Candle from 9 years ago

1 rounded glass yogurt jar

1 old and torn wool scarf not used for a long time

1 Christmas ribbon from a chocolate box

Double side adhesive tape

Watch the video on YouTube for details!

YouTube Video – 10 Minutes DIY Recycling Christmas Candle base

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