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Happy 2020 – Choose your own Lifestyle!

In 2020 the idea is to choose your own Lifestyle!

There are many places we can get information, however, after watching an inspiring YouTube video with Adriana Souza, therapist and Bach Floral specialist  from the YouTube Channel & Website “Hoje eu me Sinto” (Where the English translation could be: Today I am Felling …), I found some exercises that helped me out and I believe it’s nice to share.

She talks about the importance to love ourselves and have your own lifestyle as unique person we are in this Planet, this said, Adriana suggests to started writing down all the events that happened in our lives during 2019, or any other year.

  • The good events, that inspired us;
  • And the bad ones, or not that good, but that made us learn something.

After watching the video, I started to write down what I need to do in order to live happier, to be inspired and live my own Lifestyle in 2020.

I would like to invite you to read the steps below and if you feel it’s something that could help you out, give it a try!

The exercise is really simple, where you can follow the following steps:

. Sit in a quiet place, preferably alone, if you want to listen to some music you like, or to relax, feel free;

. keep your mind with positive thoughts;

. When you feel calm and focused, start writing everything that comes to your mind that can change your perception of living a new year of new personal achievements, respecting your own Lifestyle;

. After writing, keep the paper somewhere that only you have access to and preferably like, as example, you can put it in the middle of the pages of your favorite book.

. Then, just ask the Universe to help you accomplish your goals and forget about it;

. You can trust and have faith that the forces of nature are in our favor and will bring you the knowledge you need to achieve what is best for you.

. At the beginning of next year, read again what was written and evaluate what you “Wished” and what you “managed” to do;

. However, always remember, don’t be frustrated, the important thing is to be kind to us and remember that not always we want is the best for us. Sometimes, many things happen differently to teach us that there are different directions that we can take to achieve our peaceful mind and be happier with ourselves.

. While writing, it’s important to be realistic and as simple as possible to not be frustrated in the future;

. However “DREAMING” is totally allowed and it’s not prohibited, because if you stop and think about it, everything that exists in the world was once part of a “Dream” or “Imagination” on day, and it’s not hard to remember real stories about “Disney” or “Chanel” where they started imagining something that didn’t exist before until they managed to show the world that anything is possible if you believe in yourself!

. Remember the main idea is to choose our own Lifestyle and follow it!


  • It’s not mandatory, but preferably using a sheet of paper and a pencil to write it down.
  • Didn’t you have a chance to make the list at the beginning of the year? Do it NOW! Every day we wake up we have the chance to start over and write a new story!

As an example, I started to think “What it’s my own Lifestyle” or “What I would like my own Lifestyle to be?

Then, I wrote down a list of my personal goals, some of them financial goals, however most to really understand my life as a human being better, to make sense of everything I do or fell and to define what should be my own Lifestyle for the new year coming.

What was interesting, during this process I finally realized:  “OMG we are going for a new decade!” 

Since I just turned 50 years old in August / 2019, I will enter my “Sixth” decade of life on this planet called “Earth”, where I tried to fit into the “Standards”, but I finally understood that my own lifestyle only depends on me, it’s not something I will get outside, from someone I know or somewhere I go.

We are Unique person, as everybody else are, and we are the right person to make us happy, to value our own style, to create a better life to ourselves, to learn from our own actions! 

Therefore, I am really excited for 2020 and I am sure it will start not only a new year, but a new decade of Great Moments!

One of my goals, it’s to try to share all this enthusiasm with you, who knows, inspiring everyone with my work, my ideas and bring attention to our divine essence!  

I wish you all a New Lifestyle in 2020, the “Unique YOUR” own Lifestyle! Let your life Be Colorful! 

And may this style be present for every day of this new Decade


If you are interested in knowing the work of the therapist Adriana Souza, I totally recommend that you visit her website “Hoje eu Me sinto” (just click on the name to get the link) and, despite being written in Portuguese language, today you have the option of translating the page into English using Google Chrome and obtaining valuable information on:

  • Bach Flowers Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Many articles about how to choose your own lifestyle, respect ourselves, etc

Adriana Souza

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