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Summer Balcony decor idea

This post is to share my small Summer balcony decor idea.

Summer is coming (2020) and we are all excited to enjoy most of time we can outside!

I published this article in 2019, however, as I finished the YouTube video just now, April/2020, I am updating the post with further information, pictures and the YouTube link in case you want to take a look!

Plus, if you, like me, live on Planet Earth, you are probably locked at home in “Quarantine” because of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Unfortunately it is not the ideal Spring and maybe it will not be the ideal beginning of Summer either as we don’t know what “tomorrow” will be like after this episode.

However we can certainly take this opportunity to make our space more comfortable, cozy and according to what we like.

Also, living in Canada for more than 13 years, I learned that our gardens and balconies will not be available year round.

After each long winter we have to get our hands dirty and “recreate” our space outside so that we can make the most of our short summer and sunshine in Happy Moments!

This said, in this article I am sharing with you the BEFORE and the AFTER transformation of my small Summer balcony decor idea. 

The idea is not only to have a space to be able to sit outside and enjoy Spring, the short Summer time and Fall.

BUT also to have a space to store objects that we do not use during the winter, such as my mosaic tools, bicycle parts, soccer equipments etc.

The additional of some storage outside it’s to help us to be organised, since our apartment has a total of less than 50m2, including Balcony!

And of course, we have a barbecue area, some flowers and herbs for cooking, and a cozy space to meditate on, have a glass of wine or just watch the sunset.

My first Summer Balcony

When we bought our apartment back in 2010, we had the balcony with a chair and we didn’t invest a lot because winter was coming.

However, in the following Spring, we made some changes making it perfect for what we needed, adding:

  • A wood box with storage, where also became our “bench”;
  • Some cheap plastic floors puzzle style
  • A barbecue
  • An Ikea side table we already had at home but didn’t know where to use
  • Some other decor details & Plants
In this picture below you have an idea of how our balcony looked after a long winter.
We always get a lot of snow, very cold and strong winds and how it was after cleaning and changing the floor, painting the chest where we used to store the objects we did not use during the winter and add plants and other decoration details.
My first Summer Balcony

2019 Before and After – Cleaning & Transformation

After more than 10 years, and 10 long winters, again with very strong winds, our Balcony needed some renovation.

The plan included:

  •  some painting
  • adding some objects from inside home to outside, including some plants and other small decor details.
  • Huge clean up
  • Change floors …

We also decided to replace the plastic floor because we missed a “Square” that flew during a snowstorm and we didn’t find it again.

Then, we got some practical, easy-to-assemble, wood-like floors, as it is also a better choice for the barbecue area. have no danger of catching fire.

2019 Summer Balcony renovation

How to choose the colors for your Summer Balcony

One of the biggest dilemmas during a renovation is which colors we will choose.

Many people  choose the colors according to the current Fashion, but it doesn’t take long to realize they are no longer happy with the result.

Hence my suggestion, according my personal point of view:

  • Use the colors of “Nature” to define which colors makes you happy when you get inside your place.

As an example, take a selection of photos you took during a trip, or even in parks and gardens near your home and choose the one you like best.

Then try to use tools on the Internet that show you “Palettes” of colors like “CANVA” for example, which is free and simple to use.

To use CANVA, just < CLICK HERE > and “Upload” your picture, automatic Canva will give you the Color palette from the picture you choose. 

The photo below, as example, I took during a trip to Newfoundland – Canada in 2019. I choose this picture because I just love the colors I see on it and then it helped me to make the decision in which colors I would like to use on my balcony.

Recycling is always an option

As a reminder, recycling is always a great option to transform existing objects into new pieces you can use outside or inside your place. 

If you want to get some inspiration, check my Blog “5 EASY DIY Recycling Ideas” where you will find ideas as per the picture below:

YouTube –


If you are more visual, like me, and want to take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER of the transformation of my small balcony, follow the link to the video on YouTube.


If you made it this far, I would like to thank you for reading my Post.

Leave a comment and share this post with your friends and family that might need some inspiration to start a make over and get a cozy balcony to enjoy Spring, Summer, Fall or anytime!


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