5 easy DIY Recycling Ideas
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5 EASY DIY Recycling Ideas

How to create a stronger bond with your decorations using these 5 EASY DIY Recycling Ideas.

Hopefully it will inspire you and give your materials a second chance for Decor!  In turn, this will be good for the environment, your bank account and your home :).  Additionally, I will talk about how the newly transformed decorations create a stronger connection to your home. 

The decoration purchase cycle

We all have decorations at home, some that we use frequently others seldomly. We might have once enjoyed when they were new and for whatever reason not anymore.  For this reason, we are now thinking about replacing it for a new one.

There’s something attractive about new products which makes it hard resist the fact that we want to ‘Buy’.  Either because it’s the latest fashion or simply because it’s on sale.

As woman, I perfectly understand “it’s a good feeling to have a new decoration to refresh the look of our home”.  

For this reason, it’s a little challenge for me since I love changes and renovations in my home.  To this day, I try to control myself as much as I can in front of a decoration and try not to buy everything!

How I broke the cycle

Alas, living in a really small apartment of less than 50 square meters (538.196 square foot), I learned that for everything new items I bought, I would have to “sell” or “give way” the old decorations.

Here are the reasons, this ‘cycle’ stopped making sense to me :

  • Why buy a new decoration if I don’t have enough space ?
  • Also, why accumulate objects that I will eventually need to throw / give away?
  • Will I use this new piece and if so for how long ?

These are the main reason my decoration style changed to a more simplistic and minimalist and I decided to share these 5 Easy DIY Recycling Ideas.

Feng Shui states that, we should keep our homes as clean and simple as possible.  This, I totally agree with!

How my transformation and Recycling Ideas began

One day, I watched an HGTV serie called “Buy it, Fix it, Sell it”, where they were transforming used objects into totally new and different one. I then thought “Why not do the same with my own objects ?”

I also believe the act of transforming the ‘decoration’ itself and the internal transformation of being able to put your creativity to work which leads to seeing the final result, makes us happier and is also more rewarding than buying a new item!

The DIY Recycling name should be “Recycling Therapy”.

Read on to see the list of “5 Easy DIY Recycling Ideas”, where I’ll share a few personal projects of mine.   These projects were meant for my home, where instead of throwing out objects, I managed to transform them into great pieces of art.  Based on these  experiences, I confirm that I now have a stronger bond with the new decorations because I invested my time and creativity.  And I think the bond will be strong with you too. 

I hope you like it and please leave your impressions ! 

  1. The Ikea DIY Recycling idea … step stool transformed into a side table

This is the first project I would like to show you from my list of 5 Easy DIY Recycling ideas I completed for my own place.

If you are following my Social Media for while you already know that I have a passion for Mosaic and Art with Tiles in General.

Actually recently I had the amazing opportunity to visit Portugal and I created a Blog about it called “Top Favourite Portuguese Tiles design to be inspired!”, < CLICK HERE> to dive more into it.

The following picture is one of my Mosaic projects, where I transformed an old Ikea step stool into a side table for our balcony.

It’s just to give you an example and inspire you in case you want transform something similar in your place!

Ikea DIY Recycling Ideas

2. Transforming used tables with Mosaic and Colors!

This was my first mosaic project after I took a basic mosaic course.  I was very proud of myself and super happy to be able to finish with my personal choice of colors that I love!

In the image below are two used tables, which I bought a few years ago for $ 35.00cad in total.

I recycled them using mosaic titles and a painting to be able to use both indoors during the winter or on my balcony outside during the summer!  Even my husband loves them so much, now we don’t want to get rid of them.


Balcony table in Mosaic

3. One gift wrap paper making 3 beautiful & fun picture frames!

This was part of a small project I did for a friend of mine and I decided to add to this 5 Easy DIY Recycling Ideas. He kindly let me decorate his house after I completed my decoration course.  He didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I needed to work with a very small Budget.  He wouldn’t buy wall pictures, so instead I did this… 

After visiting the craft store ‘Omer Deserres in downtown Montreal, I saw giftwrap paper with cool designs.  Since my friend loves to travel, I bought it !  Can you believe that with 1 wrapping paper we created 3 unique picture frames !? He was very happy with the result, needless to say – so was I !

EASY DIY Recycling Idea

4. Transforming a used shoe rack into a Hat rack!

When my husband and I moved into our apartment, we bought a very cheap wood shoe rack from IKEA.  However, we never loved it and it didn’t look very good in the entrance.

Then, as soon as we had some spare money, we managed to buy a better one.  However, in the light of not throwing away objects, I got an idea.  The idea was to make a support for my husband’s huge cap collection.  He had no clue where to leave them and they didn’t all fit in the wardrobe. 

Now we’re both happy … and life is good! 

Shoe rack to a Cap Rack

5. From a regular picture frame to a unique picture frame!

This picture frame I bought on sale.

Initially it came in the natural wood finish, and I wanted color, so I painted it green.  In addition, I added various decorative buttons plus a technique that I know as ‘Fuxico’ made in fabric. Then, I added extra details to match the photo with this picture frame and Voilà !

Simple decoration, but with unique style that everyone can achieve !

Simple frame recycling Idea

Comments about these DIY Recycling Ideas?

So, let me know if you liked the 5 DIY Recycling Ideas I suggested.  Hopefully it inspired you to do something similar, whether or not you’ve already done a DIY recycling project before!

MOSAIC TIPS – Create your own DIY Recycling Ideas:

Found out that you might like the ‘art of mosaic’ and would like to follow a course ? Below are my course suggestions and places to buy mosaic products (in Brazil and Montreal) :


1. There’s an online Course with “Caco Junto” where Paulo David, who has more than 25 years working as an Mosaic artist, shares his passion of the Mosaic therapy. < CLICK HERE > for further information. In Portuguese Only.

2. If you are closer to São Bernardo do Campo city (SP, Brazil), check out a store called ‘Romiarte’.  This is where I used to buy my mosaic products when I lived in Brazil. < CLICK HERE > for more information.

Mosaic – Montreal:

1. When I arrived in Montreal I decided to do a basic mosaic course. I called it staying active with winter therapy. Then I found “Gogo Frisette” managed by the Mosaic artist Laurence Petit.  He is, in my point of view, an amazing artist really passion about mosaic. < CLICK HERE > for further information.

I also intend to make a video on YouTube to explain at least how to make a very basic mosaic, if you are interested leave a comment also “I am interested” !

Thanks for reading and I hope I inspired you to start your new Recycling project!


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